Tips About Flowers for Wedding Bouquets and Centerpieces

Choosing flowers for wedding bouquets and centerpieces helps a lot in creating a dream wedding. The type and arrangement of flowers to be used are very critical in producing the atmosphere you want to have for your big day. Below are some reminders that are useful when deciding on your flower arrangements for this occasion.

You need to remember that many of the beautiful varieties of flowers are seasonal. But there are also many types that you can easily find no matter what time of the year. You shouldn’t insist on a variety that’s just not blooming on the month that you picked for your wedding. Unless you’re choosing arrangements of wedding flowers that are made of silk, it’s either you move the initial wedding date that you picked or choose from the other types of year-round flower varieties. You really need to be more flexible when it comes to planning your bouquets and centerpieces.

You should also find ways to make the arrangements personalized. There’s nothing more memorable and romantic than having something that will remind you and your guests that the event is truly a celebration of relationships. For instance, a couple who’s working in the film industry had stylized popcorn boxes to hold their table centerpieces. If you’d like to have “something old” with you, you can have a wedding bouquet of flowers that you love and your mom’s antique handkerchief.

When choosing the design of your bridal bouquet, you should pick one that will highlight or enhance your features and your attire. For instance, if you’re a petite woman, stay away from a large, cascading bouquet. You’d probably look best holding a nosegay or a posy as you walk down the aisle. In the same way, if you’re quite tall, don’t go for a small cluster of flowers, since you might look like carrying your flower girl’s bouquet. You can also ask your gown designer for suggestions about the ideal bridal bouquet for you.

Table centerpieces should also fit the “personality” of your event. If you’re holding your reception in a formal venue like a hotel function room with a high ceiling, tall candelabras would make the place look even more elegant and beautiful. White wedding tents also look great with tall centerpieces. But, if you think this will get in the way of the conversation among your guests, opt for shorter arrangements of wedding flowers, by all means.

When deciding on the arrangements and types of flowers for your wedding, keep in mind the season, location, theme, and other factors around you. These will guide you and can even give you brilliant and creative ideas to make your event even lovelier than the way you imagined it to be.